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What if everything that we know to be today is not the only way?
What if there are alternative ways of doing and being?

Let us challenge the status quo, accept what we previously rejected, and expand our perspectives to embrace more of the world that we live in.

Let us be self aware and aware of all those around us as we continue our journey of growth. Let us grow in a meaningfully connected world.

How are you today?

We understand that most Universities in Singapore have released matriculation results. For those satisfied with the outcome, we would like to congratulate you. For those who are currently feeling despondent and discouraged about what the future would be like, please read on. “Big man in a suit of armor. Take that off. What are you?”Continue reading “How are you today?”

Challenges Faced by Youths Today

With the uncertain times we live in today, it is only natural that we worry each day about whether we can find a job, much less make a living to afford the lifestyle we want. We have lofty dreams for ourselves and yet we face trying times. Fears about adulthood, our career path, money management and all these anxieties lead to us battling day in and day out with our self-confidence.

If you are a youth reading this, know that you are not alone in your battles and there are many youths out there who face the same challenges as you. We know this as fellow youths ourselves, and also based on the insights illuminated by our market research conducted in June 2020.


It was in the last couple of years that I shifted my understanding of what kind of support I needed and how I can give support to others. It was in this period that I realised that the support I gave to my family and friends was not always as impactful as I hoped it to be, but you have to go often first to a dark place to get the right measure right.


You have read about people who seem to have boundless energy accomplishing 101 things in their day, and you wonder, how do they do it? How do they get so productive? It turns out that a productive day for each of us might be very different from others. We all need something personalised for ourselves. After all, all of us do have days where we were productive by our own standards. What is it then that makes a productive day different from any other days? Let us create the top 5 tips that would work for us.


Mental resilience is an attitude and mind-set that drives us to look at adversity in the face, and never bow to challenges in defeat. It is a certain toughness and persistence that enables us to keep positive and persevere amidst change, uncertainty, difficulties, mistakes, and failure. The quote by Lou Holtz “Virtually nothing is impossible in this world if you just put your mind to it and maintain a positive attitude” sums it up. There is no greater obstacle to overcome other than ourselves and our mind. After all, how we think relates to our choices and actions which influences the outcome.


Questions first. What is the role that you tend to be playing or have been playing? Have you been carrying everything upon yourself or not contributing at all? How can we be more engaged and also engage our family members in this period? Here, we present the first five steps for doing so, and you can enlist the support of another person in the family to get it started.


If you know of anyone with anger management issues in the office, do not dismiss them or cast them aside as that will only intensify their emotions. Support them by helping them to uncover their triggers and their underlying emotions. Trying to identify the root emotion may not be easy as we tend to be more attuned to the surface emotion of anger. Here are some tips to uncover what is beneath the surface and to deal with it.


Create safe spaces to unleash the willingness, capability and potential of every member to fully engage, contribute and collaborate. Spark off a learning culture and a culture of growth mindset to drive innovation and transformation.

Lets create a more connected world

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